Sunday, July 3, 2016

Book Review: No Way Up by Mary Connealy

Not too long ago, a friend introduced me to Sarah Sundin. Set in Boston during the beginning of World War 2, the Waves of Freedom series has me hooked on this new-to-me author. I finished Anchor in the Storm, thoroughly entrenched in the era, only to have to turn to a book I needed to review, No Way Up by Mary Connealy, a Western. How do you switch on a dime from the 1930/40s to the Old West? I'll tell you how--you get yourself a Mary Connealy, book because she never fails to capture your attention and hold it!

Third page into No Way Up there is an avalanche, people get hurt, the crisis begins. Connealy is a flawless storyteller. She consistently weaves action, romance, intrigue, with a twist in plot. I don't know what else to say! No Way Up had all of the above and kept you moving til the end. If you want a plot summary, check out the description on Amazon!

It also looks like a novella (The Boden Birthright) explaining the father's background is available for free on Kindle, which should be really good because it involves a marriage of convenience. (No worries, in No Way Up they are thoroughly in love with each other.)

Two solid novels in a row. What was I to do next? I had picked up a debut novel at the local Christian bookstore during a 1/2 off sale--Where Treasure Hides (2012) set in World War 2. I went from Sundin to Connealy to Johnnie Alexander, and again, totally hooked!

Happy summer reading!

"Everything that was male in him seemed to awaken all that was female in her. As if she'd been in a deep sleep her whole life...until now." -No Way Up

Disclaimer: Both Sundin and Connealy put a lot of kissing in these books.

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